Agenda [GNDA] is an established multi-server guild on the EU servers of the Guild Wars 2 MMO. Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly and non-sexist space for QUILTBAG (Queer, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay) players and those who are QUILTBAG allies. We welcome people from all servers, and have a particularly strong presence on the Piken Square server. We welcome people from all countries, most of our members are based in Europe but others come from around the world.

We welcome players of all levels of experience and activity, and our members are active in all game modes (PvE, PvP, WvW, & Raids). We run organised guild missions every Sunday evening, and other guild events whenever people feel like arranging them! We don’t have any rules about representing the guild and don’t ask for any taxes.

Benefits & Permissions: The guild is currently level 62, with the fully explored Gilded Hollow as our guild hall and all our buildings (Arena, Market, Mine, Tavern, War Room & Workshop) fully restored. We provide a 15% discount on all waypoint costs and a full selection of guild tavern buffs, as well as many other guild hall resources. All members have permission to place and remove guild hall decorations and arena obstacles, use the guild hall’s portal and jukebox and workshop assembly device, access the guild bank, use guild consumables such as banners, change the guild anthem, start guild missions whenever they want, and claim objectives and activate tactics in WvW.

Online Resources: In addition to this website we have a Discord server for people who want to voice chat (details available in game), a secret Facebook group for socialising and discussion (contact the officers in game for an invite), and an email address you can use to contact the core officers as a group (details available in game). The voice chat and Facebook group are entirely optional extras, you don’t have to use either of them to participate in the guild.

Organisation: The guild is run by five core officers (Elvirais, Femko, Inda, Nikku, Sophiskiai) who make decisions by consensus. Where possible they seek input from as many of the guild’s members as they can, sometimes by running polls in the Facebook group (which members not on Facebook can vote in by contacting the officers) and sometimes just by asking for opinions in game chat. You can contact the officers in game, or by using the officers’ email address (details available in game), or by commenting on this site.

History: The guild was founded by meltyfox and Nikku in 2012, the year the game launched, based on the Piken Square server and with its own website and forums. Activity was high through 2012 and most of 2013, but in late 2013 and early 2014 there was a decline in active membership and the website was shut down. The guild then went on hiatus, with many of its members joining another EU queer guild (Lets Grab Big Toyss [LGBT]) in early 2014 as part of an official merger. Cultural differences led to a split with [LGBT] around April 2015, following which many of those who’d joined [LGBT] in the merger moved back to Agenda and the guild was revitalised. Since the launch of the Heart of Thorns expansion in October 2015 the guild has been actively recruiting and going from strength to strength!

Logo: Back in 2013 the guild held a competition on its forums where all members were able to design, submit, and vote on new logos for the guild. That’s when the guild chose the purple seahorse logo we use today. One of the reasons a seahorse was chosen is a 2007 study which found that “of 3,168 recorded sexual encounters [between seahorses], 37% were same-sex liaisons”.